Interview: Photographer Jeremias Marinovic

One of the great things about adventure sports is that you are guaranteed to meet inspirational people on the journey.

On a recent trip to Chile, I had the pleasure of spending a week travelling with up and coming sports photographer Jeremias Marinovic – an entertaining guy with a real talent for capturing the energy and freedom that you only get on the water or in the mountains.


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This is my way of showing others what life is really about

- Jeremias Marinovic[/pullquote]







Name: Jeremias Marinovic
Age: 24
Location: Santiago, Matanzas & Patagonia Chile

What sort of photography do you shoot? I focus mostly on sports photography,  but I also do a lot of travel, adventure and portrait shots.
What inspires your photography? I only shoot because it inspire me. Photography is my way to be calm and to relax.
What made you get into it? Since I was a child I have always been close to the outdoors and to sport – this is my way of showing others what life is really about.

Where has been your best location for photos? I have always liked Patagonia in Chile, but any corner have a story to tell.
Where can we see more of your work? or in, or published in print in South America in these magazines:  Lift mag, Out mag, Sessiones mag, Freestyle mag, demolición mag… etc

Who are your favorite photographers? Eugenio Recuenco for me is the best.
And your favorite athlete? Robby Swift, windsurfer and surfer

Favorite camera: Canon mark 3
Recommended Lens: Canon 70-200
Software: Lightroom 4

Give us one tip to get the best photos possible: Light. Don`t waist your time shooting with out the correct day light. Wait for the morning or afternoon light to get the best results.

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