Introducing our sunglass range

A good pair of sunglasses are the most valuable accessory for a life by the sea. Being by the water constantly exposes you to high levels of glare and reflection. 

So, we set out to create a range of premium sunglasses, with a minimalist design and designed with beautiful, natural materials.

The introduction of The Peak, The Ebb and The Flow to our range is the result of 2 years designing and refining the best range of sunglasses for a life by the water. 

The result. 

Polarized, Ultra Clear, UVA & UVB 400

Our journey started by focusing on the quality of the protection and clarity of the lenses materials. The number one design specification was to only use premium polarized lenses for the range - and if you haven’t upgraded to polarized yet, you’re missing out. The glare reduction off the water is exceptional, and allows you to see deeper into the water.  

Interchangeable lenses

When we tested the range on friends and family, it quickly became clear that people were split between the plain or mirrored lense options - deciding that each style suited different surroundings. So, we made the commitment to offer two pairs of polarized lenses (one plain, one mirrored) with each pair. Easily interchangeable, the two lense options give yoiur sunglasses a completely new look to match your mood. 

Natural Detailing

Each frame style has a solid, natural ebony detail running through the design. The wood is hand oiled - not varnished - to leave a matte, textured finish that compliments the frame and lense.   

Limited Edition 

Every frame is laser engraved with a limited edition number. There will only be 100 pairs made of each style under this number format - so if you value having a unique product, designed in the UK, you’ll love the range. 

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