Voyage Pro: Supboarder Magazine Review

We're thrilled to have received a near perfect review from the expert team at SupBoarder Magazine for the Voyage Pro. 

This is our best selling paddle, which ships as standard with our 11'Pro Edition iSUP package


 "The big thing about these paddles is the finish. It is an absolutely stunning to look at paddle. The bamboo veneers are gorgeous. There is literally nothing wrong with it at all - the finish is absolutely outstanding. That's what they're striving for, Aquaite, it's luxury water sports equipment.  That is a very, VERY good looking product if you ask us; and we've heard other people's thoughts and testimonies and feedback and they also agree. If you see this paddle in the flesh, you'll agree its an outstanding looking and well finished product." 

"The real winner we find with this paddle is the middle joint - it's fantastic. It's so simple, I'm surprised I didn't think about it before. Instead of a standard flat section, it's an oval asymmetric cut paddle which instantly locates. It's so simple and such a good idea, I'm surprised other brands haven't thought about it yet." 

"Absolutely perfect. As you can tell, we really, really like this."

"At £219 it's very competitively priced. There are more expensive paddles out there up to £300 price point that this paddle can paddle them out of the water." 

"We can't fault this paddle for what it is. It's an outstanding paddle at an exceptionally good price."

"The finish of this paddle is what shines out through everything The middle section is an absolute winner. A very nice paddle, 4.5 stars from SUPboarder - we're completely happy with it."