Designed by Aquaite in the United Kingdom. 

Aquaite means to be "of the water". We design beautifully crafted accessories with natural materials for people who live for a life on the water. 


Meet David, our founder and head designer.
He grew up as a competitive water sports athlete with an obsession for any sport that would give a sense of freedom and adventure in the natural world.
As the competitions stopped, he followed his passion into a career in design - which has led him to work on some of the most exciting interior and architecture projects in the world. 
His vision is to combine his love for the water with his appreciation for contemporary design. To design a boutique range of well made, carefully detailed products that combine natural materials with the highest performance hardware.


Quality Design.

Our number one priority is to create a range of cleanly designed, ultimate performance accessories. 
Our products always use the highest quality materials, manufactured with an obsessive attention to detail.
We only produce limited numbers of stock, meaning we can keep a close eye on quality and that you'll be one of the few out there with one of our products. 

Naturally inspired.

We're focused on living a lifestyle, inspired by nature, travel and exploration.
Our range is designed to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the natural world in every product. 
Wherever possible - and wherever it improves the design - we will endeavour to use organic and sustainable materials. We hope to do more as we grow. 

The Name 

Aquaite is a word that symbolises being close to water. It is a combination of ‘Aqua’ (water, colour, reflections, freedom), ‘aquaintance’ (to be close to, friendship, happiness) and the suffix, ‘-ite’ (a follower of, to belong to).

Brand Ambassadors:

We're lucky enough to have crossed paths with some pretty inspirational people in our time. If you're the sort of person who puts travel and adventure sports at the top of your list, we'd love to hear from you. We're looking to grow our team with guys and girls who get a buzz from the natural world, and with the work hard play hard ethic. Get in touch at info@aquaite.com


We're constantly on the lookout for people to contribute to our blog to keep it fresh, interesting and what you want to read. If you want to become a regular writer, or simply suggest a feature to include, drop a note to info@aquaite.com. We'd love to hear from you.